Journey of Light was my first motion graphic project at SCAD. While I was working on designing this project and collecting inspiration, a global movement was beginning to take shape and was gaining more traction; the Climate Strikes. (Inspired by Greta Thunberg who began taking off from school to strike outside her capitol building in Sweden at just 16 years old; The bulk of these protests happened September 20th-27th 2019 although protests continue to happen across the world. During this time over 7.6 million people are estimated to have attended these strikes.) With this very real threat being headline news probably for the first time in my entire life it seemed like the perfect opportunity to reflect in my work. I began with researching a number of the effects caused by human activity and our unsustainable ways and some of the key issues that require our persistence and dedication. I used a collage style technique to execute this project by compositing images found on google with images from my personal archives and editing them in After Effects for a 2D scroll effect. 

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