Designed for: redesign of an existing title sequence
Music:  The shape of water soundtrack
This redesign for The Shape of Water title sequence has become one of my favorite projects in my portfolio. I was approached by Jinkyu and Claire to develop an alternative title sequence to The Shape of Water. After deciding on the this film I broke down the title and came up with a way to capture the shape of water in light and material. I had been playing with the idea of light rays and fabric floating through water and finally had a project perfect for it. The simplicity of the set up and nature of the scene gave me a lot of time to experiment with light and form. 
The set up comprises one water tank, various pieces of fabric, a projector, and some additional atmospheric blue lights. allowing the fabric to float effortlessly in the water  the shapes and forms of water to present themselves in the fabric and highlight them with the light source. Finally the camera allowed me to capture the forms created and the final product is a natural and literal representation of 'The shape of water'.

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