Designed for: personal experiments with social media and art
During the summer of 2022 I went back home to visit with my family and went head first into a new direction of my art. My whole life my mom has been an artists. her medium was traditionally acrylic and water color paints but she had began expanding into alcohol inks. I saw her painting with this medium and felt inspired to analyze the chemical reactions at a microscopic scale.
 I set up a camera and a work station and began playing with the paints learning how the reactions began to reveal themselves. After hours of capturing footage I took my findings to after effects and created a few short form videos highlighting the most interesting forms. I started posting to instagram and almost instantly gained some traction and had videos reach over 30,000 views . Seeing the clear interest from random strangers and admiration for these creations I happily pushed the envelope for myself and found endless variations presented. 

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