Les Nocturnes de SCAD Lacoste, June-August 2022
For the first time ever in 2022 SCAD created a 3 week study abroad program where students had the opportunity to travel to SCAD's Lacoste France location and create a full projection installation throughout the small city. We were asked to consider the environment around us and utilize the landscape for our projects. Every day we would have time to explore the city, capture footage, edit, and meet up at night to map buildings and test our creations.  We also were instructed to create our own audio for the projections, utilizing bio resonance equipment and microphones I took plant mater form the landscape and captured their frequencies and then ran them through Ableton Live to create a soundscape fit for my projections. At the end of our stay we announced our project to the city and had an open night event with news stations coming for interviews, the president of our school flew out to see what we'd done, and it stayed up for the rest of the summer until fall classes resumed in September. Coming out of this experience I feel comfortable designing and hosting a full scale immersive projection mapping event and feel inspired to pursue this direction of art in my career.

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