My first projection event I was a sophomore fresh out of my first motion graphics class. I saw posted on the Momelove facebook group that this Tree Climbing Competition was coming to Savannah and they were looking for someone to help project some cool imagery on a tree they would be climbing in Forsyth Park. 
The only problem was they only had a day before the event and didn't have anyone lined up. No one had reacted to the post so I figured hey, they're in a pinch and I could use the experience so I called the number listed.
A representative and I met in Forsyth to scout the location, and after seeing my new canvas, and environment, I could start picturing what could bring this space to life. I reached out to a teacher who agreed to lend me some equipment and  went back to my dorm to  put together some motion tests. Seeing as how I was a sophomore with only two projects under my belt I knew my After Effects skills were still rough so I kept it simple and straight forward focusing on the height of my subject and not how beautiful the graphics could be. 
I then reached out to an upperclassman friend who knew projection and asked if he could teach me on FaceTime how to set the projector up and get mad mapper working. I spent the next few hours in my dorm testing what I could until I was confident I could do it at the event.
The next day I went to Forsyth and set up my equipment. I was pretty nervous but the event was a complete success. I invited friends out and we all enjoyed the event and graphics. This was such a learning moment for me and helped me break out of my shell as an underclassman and gave me the tools I now use to explore the projection landscape.

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