For this reveal I chose The Terror tv show premiering on Hulu. This show highlights the true story of the Royal Navy's expedition to seek out the fabled Northwest Passage through the Arctic in the mid 1800's . All crew members were lost on this journey to never be seen again. The show puts a supernatural twist on tis story, introducing monsters and predators of the Arctic hunting the members. 
Given that this show and story is set in the arctic I knew I wanted to do something with frosty ice looking material and allude to the sense of danger that the crew experienced. I looked around my room at the objects I had available to me and saw this crystal that had a unique texture on the surface and could allow light to pass through. I took some preliminary photos to see how light interacted with the material and began filming some light passes and began incorporating shadow play in the background.  
From there, I added color treatment and added some masks to wrap this piece up and create a fast logo reveal that captures the mystery and sense of atmosphere established in this show. 

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